Working together to make a difference

Otober is internationally recognised as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM); a time when millions of people around the world work together to shine a spotlight on a disease that affects so many.

Today, women with breast cancer are living longer than ever before, thanks to significant improvements in prevention, screening and treatment. However, despite the progress made, many women are still being diagnosed at a late or ‘advanced’ stage, where the cancer has spread to other organs, making it much harder to treat.

At Roche, we have been working for decades to push the boundaries of science; growing our understanding of breast cancer’s biology in search of new ways of tackling the disease. Our unwavering goal is to improve the lives of patients and to develop new treatments that increase the chance of cure.

Driven by this goal, Roche teams around the world are working with patient groups and governments to help make sure that more women are diagnosed at an early stage of their disease, where breast cancer may be potentially curable.