Standalone automation

cobas p 312

cobas p 312 pre-analytical system

Maximum efficiency in a minimal space. A compact solution with single point of entry for all lab disciplines, sorting, decapping and archiving IVD test tubes.

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cobas p 512/p 612 pre-analytical systems

High throughput solutions for sorting, decapping, extensive sample quality inspection, aliquoting, and re-capping of IVD test tubes.

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Connected automation

cobas 8100

cobas® 8100 automated workflow series

Fully automated solution featuring intelligent sample routing and prioritising STAT workflow.

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cobas® connection modules (CCM)

Designed for high throughput laboratories. Connection of flexible pre-analytical systems to analytical and post-analytics systems through a fast track.

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Storage solutions

cobas p 501 p 701

cobas p 501/p 701 post-analytical units

Refrigerated archiving systems enabling automated sample retrieval and add-on test management. It can be connected to cobas® 8100 automated workflow series and cobas® connection modules (CCM).

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