cobas® 8100 automated workflow series

3-D intelligence in lab automation

cobas® 8100 intelligent tube transport provides a short predictable time to results, including prioritisation for emergency samples. With flexible workflows, early error detection and fully automated add-on handling, cobas® 8100 allows for personalised solutions to suit individual laboratory needs, guaranteeing that quality comes first.

cobas® 8100 covers the needs of high throughput laboratories achieving up to 1,100 samples/hour. Designed with options for connectivity to Serum Work Area analysers, haematology, coagulation, selective thirdparty analysers and archiving, cobas® 8100 fully automates the laboratory process from beginning to end.

Quality comes first

At an early pre-analytical stage, Roche automation solutions check the sample quality and volume, maximising workflow efficiency.

  • Early error detection
  • Reduced workload
  • No reagent waste

Workflow your way
Personalised workflows enable you to choose from primary, aliquot or mixed workflow.

  • Primary sample workflow – if the focus is on cost efficiency
  • Aliquot workflow – if the focus is on sample integrity and parallel testing
  • Mixed workflow – to optimise the benefits of both

Short and predictable time to results

  • 3-D intelligent tube transport improves patient care by offering reliable results within predictably short turnaround times, even during peak workflows
  • Multi-level and bi-directional tube transport: empty tube holders and holders with tubes run separately to avoid traffic jams
  • Tubes always have a clear destination and do not circle the track, guaranteeing first-in first-out sample processing
  • Tubes can by-pass modules if processing is not required
  • Prioritised STAT workflow

Flexible tube storage
A solution with cobas® 8100 automated workflow series offers three storage concepts, ensuring fast access as soon as a tube is needed.

  • Short-term storage for an immediate re-run
  • Mid-term storage in the Add-on Buffer Module – for optimised add-on request processing within the same day
  • Long-term storage

Email us to request a copy of the cobas® 8100 automated workflow series brochure: .


Email us to request a copy of the cobas® 8100 automated workflow series brochure: .


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