cobas p 312 pre-analytical system

Intelligent workflow management for your laboratory. Compact automation for maximum efficiency

cobas p 312 pre-analytical

cobas p 312 pre-analytical system is a standalone solution offering maximum efficiency with minimal space requirements.

In less than 1 m2, cobas p 312 can be used for decapping, sorting and archiving IVD test tubes.
May be used to automate and simplify processes in clinical laboratories and blood banks. This compact standalone solution is validated for cross-contamination compliance.

At an early pre-analytical stage, the automation solutions from Roche perform a comprehensive inspection of sample quality and volume, maximising an overall optimisation of lab workflow through:

  • Early error detection
  • Reduced workload and reagents waste
  • Shortest time to consistent results

Workflow your way:
Personalised workflows enable you to choose from primary, aliquot or mixed workflow

  • Primary sample workflow – if the focus is on cost efficiency
  • Aliquot workflow – if the focus is on sample integrity and parallel testing
  • Mixed workflow – to optimise the benefits of both

Short and predictable time to results

  • Improving patient care by offering reliable results within a predictable short turnaround time, even during peak workflows
  • Compact automation in less than 1 m2
  • Throughput up to 450 samples/hour
  • Registration of samples
  • Selective decapping of samples
  • Archiving of samples
  • Flexible and freely definable input/output sorting area
  • Traceability and control of laboratory process


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cobas® connection modules (CCM)
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