cobas® 6000 analyser series

The success story continues


A serum work area solution designed for 250.000 to 2.5 million tests/year or 250 to 2.000 samples per day with multiple configurations.
Offers tailor made solutions for clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing in medium workload laboratories
System consists of two core analytical units which can be configured in seven different ways to meet the needs of every laboratory.

More than 10.000 active systems installed worldwide.


  • Perfect fit of throughput and reagent channels achieved across the seven different configurations
  • Consolidation of 98% of the Serum Work Area testing
  • Simplified lab processes and reduced costs


  • Results that you can trust 
  • Predictable turnaround time
  • Peace of mind

Maximum uptime

  • Highly reliable system based on more than 35 years of experience
  • Superior support provided by Roche organisations worldwide


  • Wide range of pre- and post-analytical solutions and complete IT solutions
  • Workflow efficiency and reduced complexity

7 different series configurations

Flexible modularity offers individualised solutions to easily meet your challenging workflow needs. System design allows for easy system reconfiguration on-site to meet the changing needs and growth of your laboratory in the future.

cobas 6000 core unit 

  • Simple operation with continuous loading and unloading
  • Loading capacity of 150 samples in two trays of 75
  • Load 5-position racks via dedicated STAT port with rerun buffer or by tray
  • Unique 5-position rack for more efficient sample handling
  • Smart track rotor for intelligent sample handling
  • Single control unit for all modules

cobas c 501 Module

Clinical chemistry, homogeneous immunoassays, ISE, HbA1c (whole blood measurement).

  • Throughput of up to 1,000 tests/hour
  • 60 reagent channels plus 3 ISE's
  • Reagent loading on the fly
  • Specimen integrity via serum indices (parallel processing), clot and liquid level detection
  • Contact-free ultrasonic mixing
  • Automated rerun and dilution

cobas c 501 module

cobas e 601 Module

Heterogeneous immunoassays including cardiac markers, anemia, bone and tumor markers, hormones, and infectious diseases.

  • Electrochemiluminscence (ECL) technology
  • Throughput up to 170 tests/hour
  • 25 reagent channels
  • Carry-over free disposable tips and cups
  • 9-minute STAT applications for Elecsys®Troponin T high sensitive, proBNP II, Myoglobin, hCG and CKMB
  • Clot and liquid level detection
  • Automated rerun and dilution

cobas e 601 module


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