cobas IT 3000 application is an industry leading decision management tool designed to enhance laboratory efficiency throughout the pre-analytical to post-analytical workflow process. As a middleware for the central laboratory, it can manage processes in clinical chemistry & immunology (serum work area), urine, and haematology.  Focusing on powerful data and process management functionality it not only optimises laboratory efficiency but also accuracy.

cobas IT 3000 application provides the operator with a central point of access for workplace information. The product is sample oriented and provides functionalities in the areas of:

  • Information Management (consolidation of relevant information on one screen),
  • Data Management (decision management, quality control, and traceability),
  • Result Management (Technical Validation, Medical Validation)
  • Workflow Management (sample distribution using Workflow Engine and Graphical Rule engine) and
  • Connectivity Management (LIS and instrument connectivity).

Due to the modular software architecture, cobas IT 3000 application is completely scalable ranging from connectivity management to an entire work area management solution with an optimised sample handling and data management process that can be adapted to the customer's specific needs. Furthermore the graphical rules engine also help the customers to manage exceptional scenarios with the easy to configure rules.