Sysmex Haematology Solutions

Roche Diagnostics Australia has been distributing Sysmex haematology systems since 1999.

The Sysmex haematology portfolio offers a wide range of solution with a series of advance clinical parameters. The Sysmex haematology instrumentation ranges from compact near patient testing haematology analysers to fully systemisation with slide preparation systems, digital cell morphology along with pre-analytical and post- analytical sorting and archiving. 



The XN-Series provides flexibility for both routine and specialised testing in the haematology laboratory. Technical innovation and design allows the laboratory to configure the analyser to best suit the clinical and workflow needs of the lab. The XN-Series offers:

  • Aspiration volume 88μL in all modes (open and closed) facilitating an improved paediatric workflow
  • Throughput of 100 CBC, DIFF and NRBC per module
  • Standardised reagents and software across the XN analyser range
  • Inclusion of IG (Immature Granulocyte) absolute and % on every differential performed
  • Utilisation of RFID technology for reagent management

XN-1000 (XN-1000WR floor standing model shown)

  • 100 samples/hr Sampler
  • Sampler capacity 5 racks
  • Integrated reflex sampler
  • Options for bench top or floor standing models
The XN-3000 combines 2 XN analysers with an SP-10 slide maker/stainer on a dedicated sampler system with a common IPU.




XN-2000 (floor standing model shown)

  • 200 samples/hr
  • Sampler capacity 10 racks
  • Integrated reflex sampler
  • Options for bench top or floor standing models
  • Redundancy within a single analyser footprint

XN-3000 (XN-3120 floor standing model shown)

  • 200 samples/hr
  • Sampler capacity 12 racks
  • Integrated reflex sampler
  • Options for bench top or floor standing models
  • Redundancy within a single analyser footprint

XN-9000 (XN-9121: Compact configuration shown)

  • The XN-9000 combines up to 9 XN and SP -10 units, on a transportation system
  • for maximum throughput
  • Highly flexible workflow and configuration options
  • Further automation is available with connectivity to Sysmex Tube sorters, Sysmex Digital morphology and ESR analysers

The Sysmex XN-L analyser series is the next generation compact solution designed for small laboratories needing 5 part differential capability.

Sharing the technologies, reagents and software which are found in the larger XN analyser series, the XN-L assists networks in achieving true standardisation.


  • Throughput of up to 70 samples/hr
  • Optional Auto-sampler to enable walk away continuous loading for up to 20 samples*
  • 6 part differential as standard on every CBC + DIFF
  • Enhanced clinical parameters with automated Reticulocyte, Immature Platelet Fraction and Body Fluid analysis as standard
  • Automated reflex and rerun testing capabilities using the on board rules engine*

XN-L Series is available in 2 models with different aspiration modes to cater for various customer requirements.



  • Compact 5-part differential analyser
  • Single sample analysis in closed or open mode
  • Fully integrated IPU including LCD colour touchscreen
  • 25 μL aspiration volume in whole blood mode



  • Compact 5-part differential analyser with fully integrated IPU and compact LCD colour touchscreen 
  • Increased workflow productivity with automated sampler analysis
  • Rerun & Reflex functionality and continuous loading
  • 25 μL aspiration volume in whole blood mode


* Available with Sysmex XN-550 model only

With the XP-100 and pocH-100i, laboratories have a choice of two compact fully automated three-part differential haematology analysers. Both systems offer a small footprint that fits easily on a laboratory bench or table, neutrophil count for greater diagnostic value, closed tube patient and QC sampling and simple menus.




The Sysmex XP-100 fully automated haematology analyser with small footprint, suitable for any laboratory and ideal as a backup in medium size laboratory.

  • Perfroming CBC plus 3 part differential
  • Up to 20 clinical parameters
  • Colour touch screen
  • Reagent barcode identification for increased traceability
  • Increased on board data storage up to 35,000 results
  • On board thermal printer


Designed for near patient testing and low sample volume laboratories, the pocH-100i is built on the proven technology of the Sysmex high-end haematology analysers.

  • Perfroming CBC plus 3 part differential
  • Sample analysis is performed via closed tube sampling
  • User friendly icons and a colour touch screen
  • On board thermal printer


Sysmex® XN, XN-L, XP-100 and pocH-100i are distributed in Australia by: Roche Diagnostics Australia Pty Limited. 2 Julius Avenue,
NORTH RYDE NSW 2113. ABN 29 003 001 205

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