Urisys 1100® analyzer

Help minimise potential transcription errors with the semi-automated Urisys 1100 urine test strip reader

The Urisys 1100® analyzer is a small semi-automated benchtop instrument for a workload of 10 to 50 samples per day. It is optimal for small labs, doctor’s offices or in decentralised settings. The high quality Combur-Test® strips provide accurate results in one minute which can be optionally printed out for your convenient documentation.

The Urisys 1100 is designed to help keep track of patient test records electronically. It has a 100 patient test result memory which is perfect for when you need to refer back to previous results, or when paper copies are not available. A thermal print-out can be kept with the patient file for future reference. Connectable to cobas IT 1000 application or other middleware with Operator and QC lock out.

The system offers simple functions and flexible software options supporting cost effective, one-at-a-time evaluation of Combur10 Test® UX strips. 



urisys 1100 urine analyser

Quality and reliable results:

Operator lock out function prevents unauthorised access

Workflow efficiency

Barcode reader and/or keyboard for patient and sample ID input 

Immediate automated documentation of results as a printout or online 

IT connectivity solutions with cobas IT 1000 application


• Weighs: only 800g

• Workloads: 10 – 50 samples per day

• Throughput: approx. 50 test strips/hour

Combur-Test® is resistant to ascorbic acid interference1

• Control-Test M for weekly calibration

• Test strips: Combur10 Test® UX

• Memory capacity: 100 results

• Printer: Thermal printer

• Connectivity to the cobas IT solution

Email us to request a copy of the Urisys 1100® analyzer brochure: australia.dia_cardiology@roche.com .


References :

    1.     Nagel D et al. Investigations of ascorbic acid interference in urine test strips. Clin Lab. 2006. 52 (3-4): 149-153.