cobas® 4800 system

Innovation made simple

The cobas 4800 system is a complete end to end solution that integrates total nucleic acid isolation, automates PCR setup and performs real-time PCR. The cobas 4800 system consists of two linked instruments: the cobas x 480 for fully automated sample extraction and the cobas z 480 for fast and accurate real-time PCR.

The cobas z 480 analyser is also available as single system and can be used for parameters in the oncology field like BRAF, KRAS and EGFR.

cobas x 480 instrument

  • Fully automated sample preparation from primary vials
  • Ready-to-use, load-and-go reagents
  • No thawing or mixing required
  • Less than 20-minute set-up for full run of 94 samples

cobas z 480 analyser

  • Real-time PCR with digital data capture provides accurate qualitative results with no grey zone
  • Eliminates the need for equivocal sample retesting
  • Advanced results algorithm eliminates the need for manual curve analysis

Dependable performance, dependable results

For reliable real-time PCR for medium to high throughput labs, the cobas 4800 system was engineered to inspire confidence. It uses the latest generation of LightCycler® Technology to deliver reproducible results.

CO-RE tip technology

Improves sealing by securely locking pipette tips in place with an O-ring that expands smoothly to fit a specially designed groove. This O-ring gently decompresses during tip release to avoid motions that can create sample/reagent aerosols that lead to cross-contamination.

A proprietary Total Aspirate and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) system

Ensures valid results by monitoring the pressure within tips to detect low volumes and clogs; pressure responses that fall outside the expected range are reported as errors.

Five optical channels

To detect multiple targets from one reaction tube.

Designed for bi-directional LIS communication

To simplify test ordering while supporting integrity of results (no manual data entry required).

Includes remote diagnostics support

Through a secure web connection, so our Service and Technical Support team can streamline troubleshooting and minimise downtime.


1) Simplifies workflow efficiency


Streamlined design helps save time and resources because:

It requires less hands-on time than most comparable systems and needs minimal daily maintenance, the cobas 4800 system enables and frees staff to spend more time on other critical tasks.

It accommodates multiple sample types and flexible batch sizes, and provides an easy-to-use software interface that can make operation simple even for lab techs with no molecular diagnostics experience.

Roche assays for the cobas 4800 system help deliver consistently reliable results because:

  • The proprietary AmpErase enzyme destroys virtually all previously generated amplicon to reduce cross-contamination concerns that can lead to false-positive results.*
  • Automatic internal controls minimise the potential for false-negative results.

Each test is automatically analysed with a multi factorial kinetic algorithm so results are clearly positive, negative or invalid.

The cobas 4800 system delivers fast results to help meet demanding turnaround times:

  • Requires < 40 minutes of hands-on time (96 sample run).
  • Reagents are ready to go, no preparation required.

The cobas 4800 system features primary tube loading to eliminate manual sample transfer steps.

The cobas 4800 system enables flexible ordering for an expanding, diverse menu of individual, combination or laboratory-developed tests.


2) Innovation that gets down to business

cobas z 480

Position your lab for the future - today

Because it provides reliable results for high-volumn tests - while meeting the most demanding expectations for turnaround time - the cobas 4800 system helps you meet your:

  • Operational goal (more test results/day with less downtime);
  • Clinical goals (fast, reliable results to support therapy decisions);
  • Financial goals (streamlined test requisition/cost-capture and minimum reliance on outside lab services).



* From cobas 4800 CT/NG PI, 20. Longo, M.C., Berninger, M.S. and Hartley, J.L. 1990. Use of uracil DNA glycosylase to control carry-over contamination in polymerase chain reactions. Gene. 93:125-128.

Reliable results:

  • Proprietary kinetic algorithm software provides clear and precise answers
  • Reducing the need for retesting or interpretation


  • By fully automated sample preparation and PCR set-up (for HPV, Virology, and CT/NG)
  • By bi-directional connectivity with your LIS for automated results reporting


  • Option to use multiple primary vial types

Load-and-go reagents:

  • Save time and labour
  • Low daily maintenance requirements
  • Processes up to 376 samples in 10 hours
  • Bi-directional connectivity to LIS
  • Easy to use software
  • Automated result interpretation for HPV and CT/NG


  • cobas® 4800 BRAF V600 Mutation Test
  • cobas® EGFR Mutation Test V2
  • cobas® KRAS Mutation Test


  • cobas® Cdiff Test
  • cobas® MRSA/SA Test


  • cobas® HSV 1 and 2 Test
  • cobas® HBV
  • cobas® HCV
  • cobas® CMV
  • cobas® HIV-1

Women's Health

  • cobas® CT/NG v2.0 Test
  • cobas® HPV Test
  • cobas® HSV 1 and 2 Test

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