Master the art and science of H&E staining

The VENTANA HE 600 system enables high levels of workflow efficiency, stain quality, consistency and improved safety for both technicians and patients.



  • Individual slide staining with fresh reagents on every slide
  • Consistent and reproducible slide staining process
  • Optimised staining protocols

Workflow and Efficiency

  • Optimal efficiency by reducing touch points and wait points
  • Consolidation of ovens, stainers and coverslipping into a single system
  • One touch walkaway automation
  • Enables labs to do more with less

Patient Safety

  • Individual slide staining mitigates tissue cross-contamination in the H&E staining process
  • Provides full chain of custody
  • Positive patient ID via barcode sample tracking

Histotechnologists’ Safety

  • Removal of Xylene and Alcohol from H&E process
  • Low waste volume
  • Reduced risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Improved safety in work environment

Make every patient’s slide a masterpiece

  • Individual slide staining provides unparalleled levels of stain consistency and reproducibility to ensure the first slide of the day has the same level of quality as the last
  • Ready-to-use QC-controlled reagents provide consistent, high-quality stains

Product characteristics

  • Throughput: 200 slides per hour at nominal stain protocols
  • System integration from baking, staining, glass coverslipping and curing
  • Easily customisable staining protocols for unmatched staining flexibility
  • Barcode tracking provides full chain of custody
  • LIS connectivity through the VENTANA workflow solutions
  • CareGiver remote support – an automated remote monitoring and diagnostics solution that enables continuous monitoring and remote service for the VENTANA HE 600 system