VANTAGE Workflow Solution

A comprehensive turn-key workflow solution to improve patient safety

The VENTANA VANTAGE workflow solution allows complete chain of custody, lean integrated processes and full visibility into lab operations any time, from anywhere. Our comprehensive solution for histology labs – hardware, software and workflow consulting – offers a commanding view of your complex operation from a single strategic perspective.

This end-to-end product automates, streamlines and integrates lab work and information flow to provide increased productivity and patient safety gains. The VANTAGE workflow solution is designed using Lean Six Sigma principles and includes expert workflow consulting support to help obtain immediate and ongoing workflow benefits.


Patient Safety
Helps protect patients from the serious risks associated with sample misidentification. The VANTAGE workflow solution empowers you to:

  • Virtually eliminate errors with 'one label, one time' slide identification
  • Maintain positive sample ID with barcode scanners at each workstation
  • Immediately locate any patient's slide at any time
  • Easily compile quality reporting documentation

Lean Workflow
Prevent bottlenecks before they happen. The VANTAGE workflow solution gives a clear view of your lab at all times, so you can maintain optimal performance

  • Partner with lean histology experts to improve your workflow
  • Simplify workflow steps
  • See a comprehensive dashboard of lab performance at any time
  • Identify opportunities to improve quality, staffing and efficiency

Establish your chain of custody

  • The VANTAGE workflow solution brings all of our automated platforms together, creating a chain of custody that encompasses your entire lab

Full and fast control

  • Locate any specimen, block or slide immediately
  • The VANTAGE system can locate any patient’s slide, on any instrument, at any point in your process

Full transparency

  • Populate patient details accurately
  • Retrieve patient details with a quick barcode scan

Product characteristics

  • Cassette verification/identification
  • Slide label generation and management
  • Unique slide identification
  • Centralised instrument slide/test status
  • Specimen chain of custody
  • Block/slide tracking and locating
  • Workflow process report and workload statistics
  • QA/QC management and reports
  • Specimen archive