Delivering life-saving care with immediately actionable coagulation results at ALL points of care


The CoaguChek® Pro II is the clinically vital POC coagulation testing device. In addition to monitoring oral anticoagulation therapy, the Prothrombin Time (PT) and activated Partial Prothrombin Time (aPTT) tests will help in the determination of factor deficiencies and other coagulopathies in several point-of-care locations.

Convenient, portable and user-friendly, the CoaguChek Pro II delivers reliable results from just a drop of blood.

The CoaguChek Pro II succeeds the CoaguChek® XS Plus and CoaguChek® XS Pro systems and is intended for professional use.

Achieve greater insight into patient's’ coagulation status with the ability to measure aPTT and PT, and gain a clinically vital tool in coagulation care.

Enhanced connectivity through wireless technology and a unique QR code will help to reduce errors and allow a streamlined workflow.

Ease of implementation with little training and ease of use with results automatically transmitted to patients’ electronic records facilitate the use of CoaguChek® Pro II in more places for more patients.

  • Test principle: Electrochemical determination of the PT and aPTT time after activation of coagulation cascade
  • Approved for use with capillary, venous, and arterial whole blood
  • User interface: large TFT colour touchscreen; screen icons allow intuitive operation
  • Memory capacity: 2,000 test results with date and time and 4,000+ patient and operator ID lists
  • Integrated 2D barcode reader for  entering user/patient ID and lot numbers of controls
  • Automatic code chip identification to match lot-specific information with test strips in use
  • 2 level Liquid control available for dedicated QC requirements
  • Enhanced connectivity through wireless technology and/or the unique QR code feature Connectable through your LIS system with cobas IT 1000 application

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