cobas b 101 system
Improve management of diabetes and dyslipidaemia with HbA1c & Lipid monitoring PoCT System 


The cobas b 101 system is an IVD test system offering HbA1c and a complete lipid profile test at the Point of Care. Fresh capillary blood and venous whole blood can be used.

The system delivers fast and reliable results and is intended for professional use in a clinical laboratory setting or at point-of-care locations.

Guideline compliant performance

  • cobas b 101 system complies with all relevant standards and methods (IFCC, NGSP and NCEP)1

Ease of use and convenience

  • Direct sample application onto a disc from a finger prick, with no need for tubes or pipettes for sample collection or transfer 
  • No calibration needed, maintenance and service-free, graphical guidance for simplified use 

Fast turnaround time

  • Providing results for both HbA1c test and lipid panel within one 15-minute workflow cycle (from patient preparation to the display of results) or:
    - HbA1c test results in 5 min
    - Lipid test results in 6 min; including TC, HDL, TG, LDL, non-HDL and TC/HDL ratio

IFCC: International Federation of Clinical Chemistry

NGSP: National Glycohemoglobin Standardisation

NCEP: National Cholesterol Education Program


1 Roche internal verification data

(multi-centre evaluation)

  • User-friendly with a large touchscreen, full keyboard, and multiple languages support
  • Robust, maintenance and calibration-free with a wide operating temperature and humidity range
  • Connection to the cobas IT solution
  • External printer or barcode scanner allow an improved workflow and documentation
  • Data download to USB stick or direct to PC are possible

Test Menu for Diabetes Management and CVD Risk Assessment 

                       Measuring Range               

 4.0 - 14.0% (NGSP)
 20 - 130 mmol/mol (IFCC)

 Total Cholesterol                1.28 - 12.95% mmol/L
 Triglycerides  0.50 - 7.35 mmol/L
 HDL  0.38 - 2.60 mmol/L
 LDL  Calculated
 Non-HDL  Calculated
 CHOL/HDL  Calculated


Disc features

  • Direct sample application (no capillaries, tubes or pipettes are needed) and requires only very small sample volumes (2 µL for HbA1c, 19 µL for lipids)
  • Discs are colour-coded and clearly labelled to support correct use
  • Discs can be stored at room temperature (2 – 30ºC)


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