About Roche Diagnostics Belgium

Roche Diagnostics Belgium is part of the International F. Hoffmann-La Roche Group that was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Roche has grown from a small drug laboratory into one of the world's leading research-based healthcare companies.

Today Roche  covers Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. The combined strengths of both  businesses, coupled with expertise in the emerging genetic sciences, equip us to develop integrated healthcare solutions and therapeutic approaches tailored to individual patients' needs. 

Organized in two operative divisions; pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, the global mission today and tomorrow is to create exceptional added value in healthcare by focusing on the expertise in Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals.

The Belgian Diagnostics affiliate makes a significant contribution in terms of accessibility, quality and affordability of the Belgian healthcare.

Roche Diagnostics Belgium wants to increase the efficiency of the care process by demonstrating the value of the diagnostics and to act as a trendsetter in the field of medical value.

This value is created by providing products and services that have a significant impact on people's health through detection, early diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of proper treatment


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