2019 Roche User Group Presentations Download

Thank you, all material can be downloaded or viewed using the links below*.

Some presentations are not available for distribution. If you would like information on their specific topics, please contact the speaker directly.


Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassay

Customer and Roche NZ Presentations:

Analyser Workshop:

Troubleshooting Workshop:



Troubleshooting Workshop


As requested, the troubleshooting "go to' questions & troubleshooting scenarios discussed in the workshop are provided below.

In 'Case details', we have included the initial information provided during the workshop, the extra information provided if the correct question was asked and the information for facilitators.

In "Case images", you will find the relevant images that were provided for each case (scattergrams, QC graphs,host logs)

Note: for case 4, the normal QC scattergram appearance has also been provided (labelled "QC scattergrams").


Molecular Diagnostics