cobas connection modules (CCM)

Everything designed to work together as one

cobas connection modules (CCM) allow the connection of the standalone automation systems, cobas p 512 and cobas p 612, to analytics and post-analytics through a fast track.

It still offers the huge flexibility of the standalone automation concept, while adding predictability of time to results by getting connected through cobas® connection modules.

The fast track to sample flow efficiency

CCM connects pre-analytical system to multidisciplinary targets streamlining and optimizing laboratory processes.


Combined forces for maximum value
CCM can connect a cobas p 512/612 pre-analytical systems. This combination makes it possible to maximize the throughput of existing MPA systems, add new features and connections.


CCM is a connected automation
solution validated for cross-contamination compliance and therefore may be used to automate and simplify processes in clinical laboratories and blood banks.


Multidisciplinary connectivity

  • Serum Work Area – cobas® 6000/8000 analyzer series, MODULAR® ANALYTICS
  • Hematology – Sysmex HST/XN-9000 hematology analyzers
  • Coagulation – Stago STA-R Evolution® Expert Series System and Stago STA-R Max® System
  • Urinalysis – cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series
  • Molecular Diagnostics – cobas® 6800/ 8800 system
  • Post-analytics – cobas p 501/701 postanalytical unit

Quality comes first
CCM performs a comprehensive inspection of samples at an early stage, optimizing the lab workflow and ensuring the best use of time and resources.

  • Tube type identification
  • Sample volume check
  • Spin status detection
  • Sample quality check

Workflow your way
Personalized workflows enable you to choose from primary, aliquot or mixed workflow.

  • Primary sample workflow – if the focus is on cost efficiency
  • Aliquot workflow – if the focus is on sample integrity and parallel testing
  • Mixed workflow – to optimize the benefits of both workflows

Adapts to the lab’s sample handling needs.

  • solution compatible with all lab disciplines
  • Single point of entry and bulk loading of tubes for convenient sample loading
  • Adapted sorting areas to your workflow to stay flexible. Automates sorting areas also for non-connected work areas
  • Long walk-away time
  • Flexibility of layouts with the possibility to easily adapt for future changes


cobas p 312 pre-analytical system
cobas p 512 p 612 pre-analytical systems
cobas® 8100 automated workflow series
cobas p 501 p 701 post-analytical units

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