Clinical chemistry / Immunology / Serology

The cobas modular platform is designed to reduce the complexity of laboratory operation and provide efficient and compatible solutions for network cooperation.


  • Standardized results across the entire cobas modular platform ensured by using the same reagents
  • Unique, ready-to-use reagents for maximum convenience of handling, minimal logistic effort and cost-effective operation
  • 9 min. STAT assays for superior support of emergency samples


  • Consolidation of 98 % or more of Serum Work Area workload
  • Consistent and predictable turnaround times for smooth laboratory operation
  • Further enhanced automation through a broad offering of pre- and post-analytic and cobas IT solutions from Roche


  • Common look and feel of the user interface on all systems for reduced training time and flexible staff allocation
  • Proven Hitachi instrument reliability ensures maximum uptime for economic operation and reliable service to physicians
  • Over 30,000 cobas modular platform system installations worldwide

cobas 8000 modular analyser series
2000+ samples per day

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cobas® 6000 analyser series
250 to 2000 samples per day

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cobas® 4000 analyser series
50 to 250 samples per day

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cobas® c 513 analyser
Setting a new precedent in HbA1c lab efficiency

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cobas® c 111

Small box. Big performance.

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