"Building on 50 years of experience, Roche offers a range of urinalysis products, from single-use strips to semi- and fully-automatic systems."

Urinalysis is valuable for identifying certain diseases, for early detection of some diseases.  Urine remains a key indicator of many diseases such as urinary tract infection and kidney disease.

Roche provides urinalysis testing solutions for all workloads. Across the entire range of urinalysis solutions from Roche, the Combur-Test strip is a constant that ensures comparability of results.

Roche has a history of innovation in urinalysis. This innovation is continuing today, recent examples include the introduction of digital morphology with the cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer.  Testing efficiency is also important for urinalysis and by bringing connectivity to automation, Roche is integrating urinalysis with the rest of the laboratory.

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