cobas® 6500 urine analyse series

One tube, one touch – fully automated urine workflow

The cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series is a fully automated urine work area solution for laboratories processing 100 – 1,000 urine samples per day.

Due to its modular design cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series can be installed as a stand-alone urine analyzer or as a standalone microscopy analyzer or together as a fully automated urine work area.

cobas 6500 urine analyser series

Automating the gold standard

  • Increase productivity with a fully automated solution for sediment microscopy
  • Standardized processes and objective results
  • Real microscopy images eliminate operator variability
  • No need for manual review - improved TAT
  • Automatic reporting means increased productivity

Precise and reliable strip results

  • Unique reagent strip construction – with ascorbic acid resistance for reliable results
  • Fully automated measurement - no contact with samples needed
  • Proven universal strip within the urinalysis family - comparable results for efficient back-up and network solution
  • Consolidate quality control data and results on a single platform

Consolidation of urine work area

  • Increase productivity by consolidating parameter menu
  • Convenient validation - all results on one screen

Optimize workflow

  • Reagent-free cassette significantly reduces operator intervention and ensures high quality results
  • Automated sieve testing for efficient cost management
  • Intuitive software navigation – minimize staff training and management
  • Improved maintenance – reagent-free operation, fully controlled reloading
  • Proven reliability - robust Roche design reduces need for intervention

cobas u 601 urine analyzer :

  • Fully automated urine strip new generation
  • 12 on-board parameters
  • Throughput: 240 samples/hour
  • cobas u pack;
    – cassette with 400 test strips
    – Combur-Test ® strips
    – two weeks on-board stability (humidity protected)
  • New photometer technology for the strip result reading
  • Detecting the intact and lysed erythrocytes

cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer :

  • Fully automated urine microscopy system
  • 11 on-board parameters
  • Reagent-free system
  • Throughput: 116 samples/hour
  • 400 cuvettes in one package (cobas u cuvette)
  • Excellent counting performance
  • Storage of real images