A new era in hematology

Introducing the cobas m 511 integrated hematology analyzer

Featuring Bloodhound™ technology, the cobas m 511 combines a digital morphology analyzer, cell counter and classifier into one streamlined instrument preparing, staining and analyzing microscopy blood slides.

By counting, identifying, isolating and categorizing white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets and finally presenting the digital images of all these cell types on the Viewing Station including a standard CBC and 5 part differential, the cobas m 511 helps medical technologists concentrate on what really matters: finding and classifying abnormal cells within a patient sample.

Automatic mode 80 sample on-board capacity.


Slide input - Five cartridges of 100 slides each can be continuously loaded into system.

Open port - 30 μL blood volume required for full CBC, DIFF and morphology assessment.

Waste - System manages waste via plumbing disposal and containers.

STAT mode - Run up to 3 STAT samples at any time.


Slide output - Continuous unloading of processed and flagged sample slides.

Reagents - DigiMAC3 stain pack and DigiMAC3 wash designed for 1,000 cycles.


UPS - Integrated uninterrupted power supply designed for continuous system uptime

The future leading Bloodhound™ technology represents the core intelligence of the cobas m 511, which uses this unique approach to enter the new field of digital hematology.

Bloodhound™ technology analyzes the morphology of individual cells and presents the results of the analysis in detailed images for human interaction. Moreover, while medical technologists will continue to have the option of looking at slides under their microscopes, Bloodhound™ technology provides cell-by-cell images that, in many cases, may eliminate the need for microscopic review.

As opposed to the typical indirectly measured approaches used in blood analysis today - primarily impedance and flow cytometry - the Bloodhound™ technology images individual cells directly. Based on these direct images, the Bloodhound™ technology analyzes each cell's morphology, counts it, and then classifies all the cells in the viewing area to provide a CBC, 5-part differential, and reticulocyte count.

Bloodhound™ technology

Bloodhound™ technology

Slide preparation --> Digital cell counting and classification --> Digital cell morphology


Integrated System

  • Fully integrated CBC + Differential, Slide preparation and Digital Morphology. 
  • Combines quantitative and morphological data.
  • 2 touch-points designed to reduce manual steps.
  • 6 minutes from sampling to review of cell morphology.

Digital hematology

Digital hematology

  • Designed to reduce the need for manual microscope review 
  • Intuitive software providing easy access to RBC, WBC and Platelet image galleries 
  • Remote functionality of viewing stations designed to expand your network and provide real-time image access 
  • Digital archiving and patient history tracking

Reagent management

The cobas m 511 integrated hematology analyzer uses the unique DigiMAC3 stain pack for a fully automated fix and stain of the microscopy slide and will process 1,000 cycles without replacement.

Due to an internal reservoir, the cobas m 511 integrated hematology analyzer holds enough reserve reagents to process 25 samples after the DigiMAC3 stain pack empties. Using a proprietary “hot swap” process, technicians can quickly change the DigiMAC3 stain pack while the instrument is still processing specimens, decreasing your downtime while increasing your lab’s efficiency.


Quality control

The cobas m 511 integrated hematology analyzer has several quality control features built into the graphical user interface (GUI) software that are designed to help to reduce subjectivity of cell identification and standardize the quality of the results, sample after sample.


Red Blood Cell :

  • RBC – Red Blood Cell Count
  • HCT – Hematocrit
  • MCV – Mean Corpuscular Volume
  • RDW – Red Cell Distribution Width
  • RDW–SD – Red Cell Distribution Width – Standard Deviation
  • #NRBC – Nucleated Red Blood Cell Count
  • %NRBC – Nucleated Red Blood Cell Percent

Hemoglobin :

  • Hgb – Hemoglobin Concentration
  • MCH – Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin
  • MCHC – Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration
  • Platelet
  • PLT – Platelet Count
  • MPV – Mean Platelet Volume
  • White Blood Cell
  • WBC – White Blood Cell Count
  • #NEUT – Neutrophil Absolute Count
  • %NEUT – Neutrophil Percent
  • #LYMPH – Lymphocyte Absolute Count
  • %LYMPH – Lymphocyte Percent
  • #MONO – Monocyte Absolute Count
  • %MONO – Monocyte Percent
  • #EOS – Eosinophil Absolute Count
  • %EOS – Eosinophil Percent
  • #BASO – Basophil Absolute Count
  • %BASO – Basophil Percent

Reticulocyte :

  • #Retic – Reticulocyte Count
  • %Retic – Reticulocyte Percent
  • HGB-RET – Reticulocyte Hemoglobin
  • DigiMAC3 wash (1000 tests)
  • DigiMAC3 stain pack (1000 tests)
  • DigiMAC3 slides (10x100)
  • DigiMAC3 clean (10 tubes)
  • DigiMAC3 reticulocyte (3x1000 tests)
  • DigiMAC3 calibrator (2 tubes)
  • DigiMAC3 control L1 (4 tubes)
  • DigiMAC3 control L2 (4 tubes)
  • DigiMAC3 control L3 (4 tubes)