cobas IT 5000 application is a modular and scalable Laboratory Information System. With its flexibility and comprehensive range of functions for hospital laboratory operations, cobas IT 5000 application delivers intelligent workflows, significantly increases efficiency and minimizes complexity, while reducing opportunities for human variability. cobas IT 5000 application consolidates data and provides result traceability; these are prerequisites for high quality, reliable, and safe results.

At the heart of cobas IT 5000 application is a communication server that provides connectivity to multiple hospital information systems (HIS) and instruments. Along with the integrated workflow management functionalities, cobas IT 5000 application provides additional functions for the central laboratory such as:  order entry, reporting, medical validation, and QC monitoring.

cobas IT 5000 application innovates your hospital laboratory practice and supports the entire IVD testing process, from sample arrival in the lab to healthcare professional receiving results.

cobas IT 5000 application is an all-in-one solution based on cobas IT 3000 application and additional modules. According to your specific needs, cobas IT 5000 application offers three additional modules:

  • Blood Depot
  • Microbiology
  • Web Card

All the modules together form a single unit, the cobas IT 5000 solution.

Utilizing its modularity, the intended use will cover application ranges from a simple connectivity box for a stand–alone analyzer to a multi-site laboratory solution.

With its comprehensive range of support functions for internal laboratory operations, the module contributes significantly to enhancing efficiency. Functions such as sample tracking and archiving ensure a high degree of transparency and help reduce stress. Particular attention has been paid to the needs of individual workstations. The integrated workflow engine functions in cobas IT application manages the workflow in the automation and connected instruments and shows the position of samples on the current sample carriers, providing targeted control of rerun/reflex/repeat testing.