Combur Test strips

Established quality – proven to perform

Urine reagent strips are a useful tool for investigating, diagnosing and screening diseases immediately. Reliable and precise results are important, since adulterated results can lead to false negative results or re-testing of patients.

Roche’s unique test strip technology is used for visual test strips and for all instrument test strips.

combur tests



  • Combur-Test ® strip * detects even low concentrations of glucose and erythrocytes/hemoglobin (5 – 10 Ery/mL) in the presence of vitamin C.


  • Avoidance of retesting and false-negative results in glucose and blood even with high levels of ascorbic acid (up to 400 mg/L) with the application of an iodate impregnated mesh layer.


  • Independence interference from of glued components as a result of a unique sealing technology.
  • Test area colors prevented from flowing with an absorbent paper.
  • Reduction of the risk of false resultsthrough compensation of strong intrinsic urine coloration with the availability of a color compensation pad.

Easy strip handling

  • Facilitation of analysis with a consistent reading time of 60 seconds for all parameters.
  • Advanced and hygienic strip handling with possibility of reading tip down.