CoaguChek® XS Pro system
The smart way to test INR at the Point of Need


PT/INR Monitoring tailored to hospital point of care testing

  • Barcode reader for faster ID entry
  • Time critical INR results - faster than sending them to the lab
  • Electronic data capture and transmission aid compliance with accreditation and regulatory standards such as JCI and CLIA '88.


Greater Convenience

Healthcare professionals can measure PT/INR values in approximately one minute with a drop of capillary blood (8 µL).

In order to ensure compliance and improve workflows, the system allows patient and operator ID identification with its integrated barcode scanner. Connecting the instrument to the institution’s data management system finally assures safe and efficient patient management

On-the-spot results, no venous sampling

Easy portability; side and top blood dosing options with a capillary sample

Greater Safety

Onboard quality control (QC) for each strip; optional QC lockout to meet potential regulatory requirements; consistent INR results

Greater Workflow Efficiency

Positive patient and/or operator identification, extensive data management and connectivity options. 

Fast, reliable results

  • Accurate PT/INR results in one minute
  • Built-in quality control checks every strip automatically
  • Lab-equivalent accuracy precision 1

Simple fingerstick test

  • Most patients prefer having a small drop of blood (just 8 μL) taken from a fingerstick to having blood drawn from a vein

Improved patient outcomes

  • Frequent testing allows side effects to be minimized and increases the time spent within the therapeutic range2           


1 Kitchen, D.P., Munroe, S., Kitchen, S., Jennings, I., Woods, T.A.L., Walker, I.D. (2008). Results from the first year of an external quality assessment programme for the users of CoaguChek XS and CoaguChek XS Plus for monitoring INRs. British Journal of Haematology, Volume 141 Supplement 1: P188.

2 Heneghan, et. al (2006). Lancet, 367; 404-411.

The CoaguChek® XS Pro instrument kit contains:

  • 1 CoaguChek® XS Pro instrument
  • 1 Handheld power supply unit
  • 1 printed manual in English

Additional required components are CoaguChek® XS PT Test strips (in a vial)

  • Box with 2 vials of 24 strips with a code chip
  • Box with 1 vial of 24 strips with a code chip

 Optional accessories

  • Handheld base unit kit: docking station (to reload the battery pack and transfer data to a computer)
  • Handheld battery pack: option instead of standard batteries or power supply (to gain flexibility)

Optional international 1 level CoaguChek® XS PT-control kit including:  See comment for XS Plus4 vials with a concentration of ~ 2.0 INR

  • 4 diluent-filled droppers
  • 1 code chip
  • Package insert

To receive more information about the CoaguChek® XS Pro, please contact your local affiliate representative.