cobas infinity POC mobile

Act on what's important while on the go


cobas® infinity POC mobile is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, which works in conjunction with the cobas IT 1000 application. It is designed to help POC Coordinators (POCCs) complete key tasks whilst on the go.

Due to the nature of the testing that they support, a POCC does a lot of their work while "out and about" around hospital locations. Some of their time is spent at their desk, some walking around and for many tasks they need to find a PC in order to access a desktop. This dictates how POC Coordinators work, and limits productivity.

cobas® infinity POC mobile empowers the POCC, freeing them from their office and enabling them to :

  • save time managing devices
  • automate operator management
  • act on what’s important

Save time managing devices

The POCC can easily monitor device connectivity and quality control status. Enabling them to quickly identify where they are needed for problem-solving.

Automate operator management

The POCC or Nurse Educator can easily review and update operator training status, quickly identifying those operators with expired or soon to expire certificates.

Act on what’s important

With cobas® infinity POC Mobile, a POC Coordinator can monitor overall performance of POC testing and spot any issues that need to be dealt with quickly.

Usability by design

Usability has been at the core of the design process and cobas® infinity POC has been independently rated for usability, scoring extremely highly. The product has been designed to be easy to use from a mobile device. cobas® infinity POC mobile enables the POCC to easily carry out key workflows whilst on the move:

  • Device replacement
  • Device relocation
  • Checking device status
  • Adding a new operator
  • Editing existing operator details
  • Checking operator training status
  • Export a list of operators requiring training
  • Update operator training status  

Technical requirements

  • cobas IT 1000 application v2.04.01 or higher and networked mobile device
  • iOS 7 or higher
  • Android 4.1 or higher
  • VPN for remote connection